What we bring to the table

At Eshtri Aqar, we believe that the property purchasing process is overly complicated, its techonlogy is outdated, and it’s needlessly vague.

It doesn’t have to be.

Which is why we launched the first digital platform for buying primary real estate in the middle east. We created an e-commerce platform that is dedicated to both buyers’ and developers’ needs.

Eshtri Aqar brings absolute clarity to every part of the purchasing process, and with cutting edge technology, it eliminates the physical and mental hassle of property buying.

By collecting data and insights, advanced technology, and an AI conversational chatbot, we’re providing complete transparency of information, we’re providing the ultimate customer experience for our users.

All payments that take place on Eshtri Aqar are completely secure.

Eshtri Aqar.. Property Made Simple. 

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Who We Are

Eshtri Aqar is a PropTech solution created by CIC (Certified IT Consultants).

CIC is a leading consulting firm that has been providing solutions in tech for over 20 years to clients in Egypt and across the middle east. It’s also the first SAP local partner with three categories of partnership with SAP.

All the decisions made in Eshtri Aqar are based on two main pillars: Convenience for customers and total Transparency. Every touchpoint on our website is designed to achieve the ultimate accessibility in every aspect. We designed our e-commerce platform with transparency in every detail on both the purchasing and the information ends.

Eshtri Aqar is the only developer-dedicated proptech platform that serves both users and developers so that all the parties’ needs are fulfilled.

The platform is designed to overcome every and each obstacle hindering property purchasing on both sides. The platform allows users to browse independently through all the projects and units of our partners, and make pressure-free decisions arising from brokers or sales representatives.

Our main aim is to alleviate the hassle of property purchasing. Simplify the process as much as possible. Clarify the clutter. Demystify the ambiguity around the real estate market in Egypt 

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To simplify the property purchasing process for developers and buyers and create a market based on transparency and accessibility.


To reshape the primary real estate purchase experience through digitization, transparency, convenience, credible business partners as developers & payment gateways